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Sphere on Spiral Stairs

Personal Experience

Peter Gregory, honors math, scholarship math, aerospace and computer management. 517+ international math students. Top results.


  • 8 years with national tutoring companies.

  • Independent contractor  Varsity Tutors.

  • Proprietary tools that I designed.

  • 517+ math students.

  • Top math scores?     SAT 800; ACT 35; IB(HL) 7

What We Do With Our Students 

College Entrance
  • All college entrance math:
    Digital SAT math
    ACT math
    IB math (to H level)

  • Every exam student gets a test book

  • We explain the tests, scoring, and how to score

  • We explain goals, and how to manage them

  • Private tutoring, math homework help

  • We focus on

    • Math; the different methods, shortcuts

    • Understanding: the questions, code words

    • Managing the clock. speedup methods

  • Every session is test based

  • You try; I teach; you take notes

  • Software cores, projects results

  • Homework: re-doing questions; using your notes

  • Notes that work are your secret weapon

  • When they work, we teach how to learn them

  • Timing! Learning how to manage the test

  • When your math gets better; you get faster!

Other Math
  • Any math to college level
  • Mid term exam math
  • Private tutoring, math homework help
  • Algebra, Trig., Geometry, Calculus, AP, IB
  • School work or test-based

Why We Do It - Because

College Entrance
  • Math exams test just 15-20 different kinds of math

  • Every paper includes the same math; different words

  • Using test papers

    • rehearses the relevant math,

    • students see how different examiners spin the problems

  • Mistakes are points you win in the next paper

  • Understanding teaches you the code words

  • When you get better, you get faster!

Other Math

  • Syllabus driven: new subject; catch-up

  • Homework help

  • Test preparation

  • Preparation for a new syllabus



October 22, 2023


"Peter is a fabulous tutor! He communicates in a way that is very easy for my son to understand. SAT score went up 150 points after just a few sessions. ....... we would recommend him 100% to anyone needing to improve their child's math SAT score."

Frequently Asked Questions

Sphere on Spiral Stairs

My student works well and likes homework, why use a tutor?

We work one-on-one with a test-based strategy. We encourage, motivate  and challenge our students and give them extra support. Our sessions are all math; all about methods and solutions and shortcuts, finding faster solutions, and improving results. We encourage them and build their confidence. Finally if you have a gifted mathematician, we motivate and challenge them! You can see that we have great testimonials from satisfied students, and parents. 

Why should I use you instead of a national tutoring service?  

I was, for years, an independent consultant for Varsity Tutors, and others, providing top level tutoring services. Compare our charges: we have no overhead, everything goes to tutoring. Our prices are well below $50/hour. Compare our terms: we have no automatic re-billing; no monthly commitments; we only charge for tutoring time.We discount blocks of time, which help our planning. You use our services when you want. If circumstances change, we refund, and you will still qualify for a discount based on the time that you have actually used. We provide free test books. We provide sibling discounts.
Compare our contract: at 2 pages, you can even read it!
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